Hey there,

Fancy seeing you here. My name is Brett Zeck — I’m a visual designer based in the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, area. Come May 2019, I’ll be graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the School of Media and Journalism. With fingers crossed, I’m looking for a full-time gig where I can both serve and grow in my skills.

For me, a passion for design began when I was a kid in Ohio, making a six-page newspaper about my family. I got a few subscribers… but print truly is dead. From there I had a relationship with writing and graphic design, both of which carry into who I am now: thoughtful, energetic, and curious. I create with intention and function, finding joy in illustrating, branding and identity design, and motion graphics.


  • I’m graduating soon.
  • I love illustrating and brand work.
  • And I’m on the job hunt.

Featured Project

Raw is a natural pain reliever and a family business. Part of a team, we produced this one-minute motion graphic to warm up their target audience to the cool effects of their brand.
Check out the behind the scenes dig.