All Changes, Except Him

When I was younger, around third grade, I never would’ve imagined my life to be as it is today. I always thought to myself, no way are you ever going to drive a car, or go off to college one day, or even build a family and fall in love. Those three seemed like far off, unreachable ideas. Of course, that’s exactly what they were. I was eight years old. It would be another six years until I felt the roar of an engine just by tapping of a gas pedal. Yet, here I am now. Driving. Give myself two years more: college. And any moment now: meeting the woman I could love for the rest of my life. This is the insanity of time. If you look ahead too often, time moves slower. If you’re looking back, the clock can just stop and you go no where. Now, if you’re in the present moment, you’re on the right course. Time goes at the right pace that God wants it to for you, and you seem to be a better person in the here and now. You’re not anxious about the future, what it will hold and all the seemingly impossibilities. Nor are you controlled by your past mistakes and your desires to go back and change them, even though you cannot.

Time is an ally, and an enemy, depending on your outlook. This is life though: forever changing. A stream of new, washing away the old. I think it’s the most beautiful thing. Thanks to time, we have every reason to be interested in what’s happening. It’s our duty to God to be present, here, now. Forgetting my past messes is the best decision I have done. No longer am I defined by heartbreak, nor moving 500 or so miles south from Ohio away from friends and family, nor those cliques of bullies who did not understand me through my awkward stages. Being now, I must focus on doing right and walking the road less traveled. For I know that neither ends of the timeline are existing, just the middle. It’s my job to make this life great, to honor the one true King. Am I making any sense? No longer should I worry about what my future holds, because it is already held, by Him. We tend to forget these things. We are not alone on our walks of life.

In two days I finally become an upperclassmen. I’m growing up, losing and gaining friends, experiencing different things. It’s about time I start realizing that each minute on earth is limited. As I focus on the here and now, time will move a bit quicker. Soon enough, I will be judged at the Gates, and I want to look back and say: “I lived, all for the right reasons. I have made mistakes, but I was forgiven, and I took my mess and made it into a message.” That’s what I want to say; for the sake of myself and Him, I need to say it. I will try my best to avoid failure, but if I encounter it, I will greet it with a smile. Failure is a stepping stone to glory.

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” – Hebrews 13:8


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