Infinity with the Divinity

Songs and Poetry

I see her
Rocking back and forth
On that white stained porch
Overlooking another sunset

I see her
Bright as ever, a star facing north
She’s lived so many years, carrying the torch
About to pay dues, but not a penny in debt

A lifetime passes by in seven seconds
The good Lord, arms open, beckons
Dust to dust, never of rust

Now in the wind, where she loved before
It’s all over now; a victory to her war
No more loneliness, no more pain
The deserts are kissed with rain

Reunited with me
At the Gates with the key

She sees me
The weight of a decade worth it
Saying goes: ’til death do we part
Truth goes: ’til death do we live

She sees me
Rewarded as said in the Holy Writ
A life well lived from the start
We gave all we could give

Eternal and everlasting
Great and blessed
In search of diamonds, coal mines a blasting
True love from the Three to us confessed

Infinity with the Divinity

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