Listen to the Silent Waters

Songs and Poetry

Somewhere out there is a sailor so lonesome,
Wanting for one to loan some
He stares up at the Immortal over on starboard,
Sure he’ll never be star-bored

The sailor is alone but not all alone
He has what he needs and lives by his creeds
In this endless ocean of life he observes…

How the moonlight fades to black fades to blue fades to boat and plank
How the silent waters are a roaring noise for hope
How the vessel with its weight doesn’t sink,
And the vessel with its wait doesn’t blink

How, he starts to question, does this stay afloat?
The moon, how doesn’t it fall out of the sky?
The boat, how doesn’t it fall into the sky?

Those are all easily answered: Him.
He is the central point in this Masterpiece of a line,
Forever stretching out and becoming new dimensions

The sailor knows he is not alone, though he still wishes for that loan
Praying for another to accompany, another to talk with at high sea
He is grateful for all he has and won’t trade it for all he doesn’t
Persisting only to live for Him with a little help from a her

The waters stay below his feet, below the deck,
But it feels as if it’s rising above his head

Questions stir. He understands how… but why?
Love, through Him and for Him.

The sailor listened to the silent waters against the planks
It seemed to be speaking from all flanks
Whispers of hope formed into speeches of revelation

In the distance on the horizon, a light
The sailor, prayers answered, thanked Him in the night

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