A Light Turned On

Songs and Poetry

Doubt and fear
At every corner of the year
These are the demons of our days
Patience goes and blindness grows
Hour upon hour, our heart frays

Thoughts collide, they widen their stride
Running all through the night
With the light, almost but never
Out of sight, darkness is clever

A clock ticks
An insult sticks
It’s irrational, we’re delusional
Infinities end and steel starts to bend
What you make of this life
Determines if you’re living with strife

Doubt and fear
Can go worry themselves
I know my Maker, He is here
So we dust off ourselves
These two only exist in your mind
You can only be lost for a short time

Shake yourself awake, from heel to shoulder
Rain will wash away your worries
God is your Holder, He is ever so bolder
Doubt disappears and fear scurries
You’re left alone
No rock nor stone
Could ever strike you
These demons no longer brew

Hope finds its way back
Strength you shouldn’t lack

She is yours
A loan, a blessing sent from Him
Knowing what’s in store
This light turned on cannot dim

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