Pillars of Sand

Songs and Poetry

Mountains of steel
A society forgetting to feel
Forests of distractions for mankind
Progress isn’t necessarily what it inclines

We’re men of sin
Ready to make profits at whim
Yet hesitant in goodwill and sacrifice
We are no different from mice
But have a surplus of ignorance
Men, it’s time for penance

No regard for what we don’t understand
Our castles weak upon pillars of sand
Putting faith in ego
Ignoring all that is eco
Have we lost sight of the right road?
Why don’t we question what we’re told?

Pick up a pen and break out of your pen
Create and write, you miss the light
Protect this house or lose it
We were made to stand, not to sit
Idly by while destruction rules
It’s up to us if we’re saviors or fools

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