Run On

Just like that the typewriter decides to begin a new sentence one with a destiny already embedded into its letters which grow word by word into a paragraph and then a novel and that sentence is just a collection of letters alone which they mean nothing but together they mean everything and that sentence has the force to change its pages even if it doubts itself because since the first clack on that typewriter a new story started which would leave its pages changed forever and there’s no going back because a typewriter cannot go back it can only end and begin again but you see the typewriter doesn’t want to end this sentence until it is truly its time so merely scratching the work would make no sense because it doesn’t matter if there’s one or a million mistakes on these papers this sentence matters to itself and to every other sentence on these pages and to the typewriter because that typewriter loves you don’t you see it doesn’t affect His love for you if you’re blemished or weak because He created you and He is proud to call you His child and how other sentences treat you doesn’t define the worth of your letters it’s what your words have to say so don’t tell me you feel content with ending your sentence because that isn’t for you to decide it’s up to Him when He wants you to join Him in the library where your words will live on forever despite ending so just remember that you are beautiful whether you’re missing words or the pages you inhabit are crinkled because even a run on sentence has a great story to tell.


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