Writer’s Block

Sprained words ache in a sling
Like a girl lost in a fling
So I don’t want to take this lightly
Tongue, don’t drift even slightly

What is there to say
You take my breath away
I itch to write and express
But this keyboard can’t confess

Three little words aren’t enough I need a run on sentence that keeps on running through backyards and unpaved trails never growing weary in order to capture this feeling I have that can’t be tamed in one single word but would looking something like yesandforeverbutI’mscared.

Sorry if my writing makes little sense
I’m afraid I don’t know how,
To go about righting what is dense
I only wish what was then is now

All these thoughts boring down
I’m screaming without a sound
None of this can be typed nor spoken
It’s only felt with a heart so broken

I can’t help running around the block
Hoping to run into you, our arms locked
I want to apologize
Over and over on reprise
I don’t care if I’m naive
Why ignore what I believe?


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