Meaning of a Name (from 2013)

Strange how the majority of us don’t get a say in what our birth names are. The one or few words we utter and hear everyday and we didn’t choose them. For me, I was named after a kid, whom I never knew, in my brother’s elementary class, which my parents liked the sound of: Brett. Don’t get me wrong, I love my name. However, it could have been more sentimental or came with a better story behind it, something other than “my parents liked the sound of it”. On the other hand, being “named after” someone I have no clue about allows me to become whoever I please. There’s no pressure, compared to being named after a prince or even a peasant.

To give meaning to your name takes a lifetime and what you stand for may change over the years. What I stood for and who I was a few years ago is different from today and may be different twenty years from now. Hopefully these changes to come are for the better.

Yesterday, I stood for struggle. A kid who moved across the states and restarted his childhood at eight years old, I went downhill. I had a hard time finding friends, adjusting to a new environment and a school system which is more difficult than where I came, and wondering who I was. However, I found my way back uphill.

Today, I stand for maturity. I came to realize in high school that life is fragile and could change, or end, in an instant, which drives me to make life worthwhile. I embrace that simple rule and make the best of each opportunity. I’m involved with life and I’ve grown closer to Christ and have found purpose through Him. I’m developing morals and becoming an adult.

Tomorrow, I’ll stand for a family man and a devoted Christian, a traveler and an artist in his free time. Hopefully. The future is unpredictable but we must leave it up to the big man upstairs. What I want for my name to mean to others is something positive. One day it will mean husband, father. Today it means brother, son, or friend to others.

The thing is, your story is not over until your last moment and your life’s true meaning wont be final until then. We still have struggles and victories ahead of us. The fact that your present self is not defined by your past self if you don’t let it is what allows you to be whoever you want. What you stand for is dependent upon yourself and no other. I believe I will stand for perseverance and positivity and adventure.


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