Stadium Drive

At times I am that Stadium Drive at 7:10 AM
And I am that student excited for AP Chem…
Blinkers flashing, engines thrashing;
Pine fresh scent, hands on wheel bent;
Sipping on hot cider, eyes no wider

I walk into school and can taste that red, white, and blue
Walking past Room 1614, afraid by Crouse’s homework I didn’t do
No longer Stadium Drive, I am the crowded stairwell
With too much to do, and off goes the bell

“We do have a dress code,” says the intercom hella loudly
“And these yoga pants distract me,” a guy says proudly
In another room, Mattingly teaches: “and that’s when homegirl lost her weave”
These white walls of the school are liars that deceive
All the moments they hide,
Unlike the cougars showing their pride

At lunch I steal Soup’s golf cart and meet friends for a bite
Zecksy and his squad see in the distance lights
Oh, how we’ll lose our off-campus passes
And we’ll miss our now wonderful classes
Detention is a lot better than arrest, but there’s no free food
“Eso si que es,” says a shrewd dude

The clock striking 2:19 PM yawns and shouts “Zecksy, you’re sleeping!”
Stadium Drive awakens too, to the returned sound of beeping


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