Once and Now

Love once looked like a star-burst, a magnificent sprawling across cosmos, proclaiming the name of good and of beauty. An awe-inspiring mass of colors known and unknown to the eye. A blast beyond comprehension and a pulling of heartstrings.
Love once looked like a wave of water, constantly tossing and turning but always staying in touch with the shore. The water’s always there right next to the land, giving a little bit of itself to the clouds but never once leaving the soil. A gentle push and pull by the moon is the tide, but it’s a push and a pull never without the shores in hand.

Love is now the decay of an old ancient star, twinkling its last flares out into the void.
Love is now the abandoned pit of a drained basin, trickling its last drops down its uneven slopes.
Love is now something intangible, forgotten, and frayed.
Love is now a once.


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