Songs and Poetry

Type, type, click, and clatter
All these vibrations about
We can’t feel what’s the matter

Notify and reply, we are devout
To an electronic life
Eased and without strife

Lacking any sense of adversity
While comfort is our university
Communities were downloaded to the system
To become used users in the passing cloud
But our sense of reality is the victim
Cut off from the unconscious crowd

A generation so numb from the effects of Helvetica typeface,
Tri-tone alerts, and an ever-fleeting battery
But our time wasted behind these screens cannot be backspaced

Size of followers doesn’t equal flattery
Nor do the I Love Yous from behind a keyboard
So, go to Settings, find Life, and click Unexplored

Discover a broader connection
With some simple introspection
Disband the networks and rebuild the family
Walk on the dirt and hear the whistle of wind
The Human Spirit is not a vanity
Although its thoughts have thinned

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