Midnight Thoughts on Death

I consider our present sufferings not worth comparing to the glory that will be ignited in us. // Romans 8:18

This is the truth: we all die. This should be the greatest news to your ears, the greatest encouragement to your soul. There’s reason to live in hope. There’s an end to this momentary state of pulsing pain and passing pleasure. The continuous let downs are temporary.

We’re going to leave this world behind!

Your struggle with sin is actually going to end one day. The torment of life’s fleeting senses is that: fleeting.

God is going to reclaim you. If you can hold off, or just try to hold off, temptation and desire for the rest of your days, you’ll be rewarded for all days to come – no, beyond days. The days won’t even be as they are now. You’ll receive eternal pleasure next to the Father and these days will be longer than a mere 24 hours as the earth moves farther from the sun over an infinity of years.

As Peter calls you by name, you’re made completely whole. A moment in life, a process called death, and then an eternity of happiness.

If your experiences were a film reel, there would be one flicker between one set and the next so small that it’s impossible to prove its existence. This flicker is the change. The change from human to an everlasting angel. You don’t notice yourself in the flicker, you just understand on the other side.

You understand. Everything. That could be the greatest gift, next to a forever absence of pain and the laughter between reunited family members and the ease of existence. The purpose of everything, the exact dimensions and infinite space of the universe, the location of your soul mate – all is understood. Clarity. Rest. Peace.

I’m trying to rise
Above the shit the devil tries
Which is why I keep my eyes
To the sky
// Jon Bellion


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