To the Class of 2015


It’s hit me. Four years are coming to an end, and that’s it. There’s no going back. Once you’re out, you’re out. You may always visit, but it can never be done again.

Hearing your favorite social studies teacher recount his life’s stories, taking thirds at pasta parties, and looking forward to sitting next to that one person capable of a thousand laughs: over.

Wake Forest isn’t my hometown, and certainly nobody treated me as welcome the first few years. In fact, it seemed like anything but the Wake Forest I see now. This town is my home. These people – the runners, the theatre geeks, the gridiron Coogs, the class of 2015 – these people are my family.

It’s hard to think the year is no longer 2011. It’s hard to not see that one senior always in neon in the hallways kindly naming me as ‘freshman.’ It’s hard to come to the fact that this family is divorcing.

All good things come to end, and in place of them better things.

Ends are only quiet explosions to new beginnings.

The next step in life is a restart. The step right now is slowly cherishing these remaining months with those I love, and letting go day by day with only thoughts of forgiveness, laughter, and promises to stay in contact.

To the class of 2015: thank you. High school removed me from a terrible position. I was alone, I barely knew God. I had no one to talk to. On that first day of high school (more like the first day of cross country practice) freshman year, my life changed. People changed. Thank you for anyone and everyone who has ever had a single positive impact on me. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this Cougar family.

Everything you do carries on in ways you cannot imagine. Whether a second or four years, thank you.


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