Sound of Change

Songs and Poetry

Inspired by the first or last lines of most songs from The Dirty Heads.


Now you notice when I’m not around
It’s something beautiful, that you know
You feel it in the audio, it’s in the sound

The music is eternity
And lives in me eternally
Born out of a sun set,
Tad of a minor threat

Once I was spread way too thin,
But the fire’s no longer licking its lips at me
The silence was deafening, a sin

She said she heard me on the radio
I said “Feel the audio, and let it go
I will keep moving on, day by day”
Say what you say or just sail away

I see you’ve been chasing your monsters
Like Jack the Ripper, or Medusa, Medusa!
And they’ve been driving you bonkers

Well, come with me to a place by the sea,
I know you’re right there waiting for me
These would be my love letters to you
But we can start a fire, through ashes we renew

Given this one life to live, I’m going to live it
Our Sweet Summer is gone, but
There’s no reason to not reach the summit

Whenever the times get rough
Whenever you’ve had enough
Forget about the past, that’s dirty laundry
Live like Titans, don’t strike gently

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