Little Universes

Songs and Poetry

“My eyes are tired eyes, the deep part of space still untouched by humankind. A black hole surrounded by a galaxy being torn apart.” | Via Tyler Knott Gregson on Instagram.

The eyes of each of us
Blink on, never collecting dust,
As perfect mirrors of the deep of space,
Two galaxies transfixed on our face

Yet, the eyes of all, even you,
Have witnessed colors of dark hue
Their galaxies orbit a black hole
Ringing true: they’re the gateways to the soul

In each of us are spirals
Of a magnificent light
But, the darkness is viral
With an equal knack for fight

Everything that exists, whether seen or unseen,
Has a light, a darkness, and whatever in between

Unfortunately, the night sky is not what it appears,
For any light above may have died before it nears
This Pale Blue Dot, and what you see may be full of life
But don’t be naive – some may be dead, others of strife

The eyes of each of us
Blink on, spirits robust
But don’t forget, these eyes cannot see the absolute truth
What has light can be dark, and dead can be the youth

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