First Impressions Aren’t Trustworthy

BalanceA word of advice: first impressions are as deceitful as a sunrise.

First of all, the day begins long before the sun stretches over the horizon. The sun doesn’t deserve credit for beginning anything. In the same way, the people in your life were existing long before you came around. They have made memories without you, and they will make memories without you. People come and people go. As do jobs and landscapes and youth.

Secondly, the great hues of color and the gradual warmth of dawn only apply to that time of day. A good start doesn’t mean a good end. Just because your day begins with a sense of color, doesn’t mean the skies can’t be an overcast gray hours later. Neither does getting off on the wrong foot mean you’re destined for trials.

I’m not talking about the sunrise at this point.

This is the sad truth to your life, but if you spend time in thought, you’ll find there is also good in this. Is the sunset not just as beautiful as the sunrise? While your day has clear skies and shine, does that memory remain once it begins to rain? Of course.

Not all hours of the day are spent perfectly, but all are used for one of two things: experience or pleasure. Fair warning, experience is commonly accompanied with pain, but followed by growth. Remember, though: fear is useless when all things have purpose.

The point is that your life is a cycle, between the good and the bad, between the ups and the downs. And not everything is pure happiness or sorrow. You must be able to endure the climb to be able to one day enjoy the view from a mountain peak. Once you’re able to comprehend this, life becomes much easier.

A mantra is a word or phrase repeated to help one focus on a certain thing. When you engrave into your mind the thought that positive moments are inevitable to encounter and that times of pain or tribulation are benefits to your experience, you’ll notice that even through the bad, your outlook is much more good than it otherwise would be. You begin to appreciate going up the stream because of the excellent scenery that is beyond (and around) your troubled waters.

Where you are now, you won’t be for long. Change is inevitable, and thank God for that. Better things are always to come. If you’re having the time of your life, or even if you are in Hell right now, appreciate it. Someday you will never have the chance to return again. The greatest opportunity to take advantage of is to learn from the bad and cherish the good.

Even in death there is positivity. The only negativity may be either the one passing felt momentary pain, or that those grieving selfishly want that one person back on Earth (although, I can’t blame them). In death there is the end of one’s suffering and his or her’s divine meeting up above.

The highs and lows of existence go hand in hand and make us human. To allow turbulence to infiltrate your emotions isn’t necessarily unwise, because through this one learns balance. However, to let it overcome your spirit and to become a walking corpse is the dumbest thing anyone can do, because the road won’t be bumpy for long.


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