Another Weary Morning


Pray for me, brother
I need a helping hand
Pray for me, mother
I need to take a stand
Pray for me, sister
I need more than a whisper

It’s another weary morning,
And the Monday rain is warning
For us to stay inside, stay indoors
But none of you feel quite in store
We’d all rather wander out
To take a more sullen route
Searching for reasons to be down
In this downpour you may drown

Sir, I beg your pardon,
But why is your heart –
Why is it so hardened
As if it all fell apart?

Ma’am, I can’t help but overhear
That your son was lost on tour,
And as the funeral draws near,
You can’t face him once more

My friend, I know you’re shattered
That he ended it without talk, without reason,
Moved on like the year never mattered,
But the sun still rises after the horizon’s treason

Strange face, I see you walking past each afternoon
In you is another universe for anyone to meet,
And what better way for us than to talk soon
Over a cup of joe; look: there’s a place across the street

Tell me, do you all really mean it?
Is life all that hard, that you’d quit?
There’s a time for sadness, for sorrow,
But have you heard of tomorrow?

It’s another weary morning,
But the Tuesday sun is warming
Through the overcast gray
Of your mind full of fray
We’d all rather wander in
To take a more different spin
On things that overshadow our dreams,
That take our ways to the extremes

Pray for them, brother
They don’t need to suffer
Pray for them, mother
They don’t need to shudder
Pray for them, sister
They don’t need to blister


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