In Need of Bandages

Songs and Poetry

ISIS Militants

This poem was written after reading about the recent missing girls from the United Kingdom who are suspected to have joined ISIS, the terrorist group, and the propaganda used on social media to recruit youths.


I’m trying to wrap my mind around how creed or color
Can be a reason for the hatred of another,
While off in the East, youths are having to wrap bandages
Around the minds of their brothers, their sisters, the damages

Years had to pass for us to realize
The extent to which our fears were lies
Shadows had to be cast upon coffins
And Martyrs had to leave behind Orphans
For a wounded, sickened society
To try for some social sobriety

I’m trying to understand how we share
The same concepts of love, friendship, and care
But day by day, the masses march right into the Devil’s Snare:
A trap where our innocence trips and labels create a scare

It’s a battle with the West and the East,
A protest against the Most by the Least
It’s the propagandized recruitment of young soldiers,
The difference of a Cross or a Crescent in the holster
It’s the sickly citizen at home
Hiding something not shown

All these wars in Earth’s backyard
Are to leave the children forever scarred
The bandages can only be replaced
So many times before we go to waste

White, black, blue, or red
Nothing matters if we’re all dead

Islam, or just the Psalms,
Christianity, or just Humanity
It doesn’t matter in what you believe,
You will have to make your Mortal Leave
And to pay for a life of terror and drought
In a Place of Demons or a place with nothing about

I’m trying to wait for that holy day
That absolute love is the only way

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