The Great Divide

Songs and Poetry


Let me grab your attention from these momentary devices
Plaguing the masses in an internal hardware crisis
What do you say when the Bird asks “What is happening?”
You know you’re not living life, you’re just gambling
Your days away in dismay for a say in your online display

Oh, you’re so gentle, so transcendental
I’m sure this Earth gets you sentimental
And your love for nature’s only coincidental
With this hypocritical trend going continental
When in reality you’re the same old, judgmental,
Thinking you own this Earth, like you could be parental

When in this world did nature become a product,
As if our worldly possessions weren’t already chaotic?
Now what is real is fake, what is fake is real
The superficial has become humanity’s Achilles’s heel

We’re robbing this planet of its beauty, committing grand larceny
Replacing our roots within with industrial circuitry
And turning the other cheek, to look at our screens
With wallpapers of mountains – a foreign concept to our genes

It’s taken too long for us to realize the irony
In locking ourselves within our Little Dynasty
Full of delusions of grandeur
Now we’re hearing the Raconteur
Recounting stories of ancestors crossing oceans
And the human race’s origins as a crazy notion
It’s been too long these fences have hidden us from the outside,
These technological restraints have furthered the Great Divide

Oh, you’re so gentle, so transcendental
Tweeting how you’re so independently fundamental
Furthering us along on this Great Divide
Despite the definitions, choice is where our fate resides
Choice is where our fate resides
And the good life is what I abide

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