Or, A Musician’s Life
Inspired by Nick Fekaris on the piano

Eighty-eight keys, thirty-six on fifty-two
This is the start of the world for you
Eighty-eight years, yesterday had more time
These are the memories consuming your mind

Laying in your mother’s arms,
Far away from the dangerous harms,
Remembering these days like old photographs
Of your father and the countless laughs
His shoulders you sat upon, on top of the globe
A loving family, behind you no matter the angle of slope

Then you graduated on to another age
Step right up, it’s just another stage,
Another step in the right direction with your diploma
Life’s going to hit hard like an ex-lover’s aroma
There’s no way in knowing where you’re bound to go
When all this starts to get heavy, just stitch and sew
Don’t forget your dreams,
Even when life’s breaking at the seams

The years start to pile on like phone bills,
You promised to never lose touch out of goodwill
You’re starting to get the swing of things
Like an out-of-towner picking up new slang
Over a quarter of your life has gone by,
And you’re humming along to the beat of some guy
Who musically envelopes your mind’s throne
Leading you to practice on the bones
Life’s been a struggle, but the music is inside
A gift from above you will never set aside

They started calling you “Piano Man,” but you’re not Billy
Performing in the Southern Cali sun all the way to Philly,
You met someone out on the road,
And together, you built a home
All you need is love, she was the Yoko to your John –
No need to imagine what Earth Heaven’s on
Well, time’s no stranger
Soon life releases its anchors

The days start winding down
The people will never forget your sound
No regrets, you lived a long, happy life
“Goodbye,” say your children and wife
How funny, oh, so funny, it seems
You were once so worried in your teens

Eighty-eight keys, thirty-six on fifty-two
This is the ending, the reaper and you
Eighty-eight years, was each spent living,
Or were you just merely existing?


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