Tonight, the Eighth

Songs and Poetry


Tonight, I counted the stars,
Gathered them up, as hot as they are
I said once “Let there be light,”
But now it is time to rewrite
The course for my children
Who forsake me to praise their skin

Here, in the dark, darker than their hearts
They will walk by sight as they have
They had the freedom but never appreciated the art,
And now they’ll walk on forever, no light nor path

I took this earth and perfectly distanced you,
Properly measured the ingredients for primordial stew
I carved the land into basins, so you could have your water
I gave you the gift of life to be fruitful, to have sons and daughters

You wonder how the planet’s axis was aligned
And the atmosphere became mostly nitrogen
You wonder how simians developed the right mind
And learned to regard their surroundings with caution

Did you ever wonder why
All this was brought into existence
Or did you entertain the lie
That life is a mere coincidence

It was all crafted and weaved
Into threads so you could achieve
It was all created by me
But you walk by sight, yet cannot see

Tonight, I turn off the skies,
As my children kill in my name
I deny these fallacies, these lies
That belief in me and belief in destruction are the same

I await those that still walk by faith
But to those that laugh at me on the Seventh Day,
Don’t expect Peter to call your name on the Eighth,
No matter how much is in your pocket to pay

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