An Apology

Songs and Poetry


How does one craft an apology
Without it developing into a soliloquy?
As always, these words express as they expand
A life without introspection is a pillar upon sand,
Ready to collapse and prone to relapse

To begin
Let’s establish sin
I, I am the origin
Not me, but human nature
To which I need a Savior
For redemption, a new road paver
Selfishness is at the root,
The reason why I bear no fruit
In moments when happiness dilutes
I sought control
I fought my soul
I thought unwhole

Contrary to popular belief
The trunk is equal to the leaf –
A metaphor for our Family Tree,
To which we are all under – humanity
I am equal to we are
We all follow the same North Star
These mistakes of mine
That you had a stake in for some time
Were misguided rays of sunshine
Between the needles of a splintered Pine

That said, we are all the same
Our vices just go by different names:
Loneliness, the tightrope walk to a better side of life;
Doubt, the fool that lacks conviction even when he’s right;
Memory, the narrowing collection saying things were once better;
And Control, the tyrant that felt in power only when they were together

You see, I was at fault
Yet, I represents so much more
Than what the eye can consult
It represents us, and the door
It represents the art of human beings, being human
And the irony in, after all is done, finding acumen

I am sorry, and I know you are, too,
Because I am so much more, and so are you

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