The New Student: An Allegory


There was a new student in class today.
He looked funny in the most peculiar way.
The teacher went over roll call
And revealed his name is Paul.
He walked to the front and didn’t even stumble.
He spoke without stutter but was humble.
The introduction was startling at first,
But soon the class was individually submersed.
Clarity accompanied his tongue.
Every word spoken could have been sung.
In that moment the class awakened,
But the teacher, she was pale and shaken.
Paul said his name was only temporary
And that his warm smile was hereditary.
There was something strange about this boy.
To the teacher’s suspicion, Paul had a ploy.
To the students’ fascination, Paul was caring and new,
Yet, he was different from the rest, all the way through.
Paul carried the look of a boy on a mission.
The students couldn’t add it up, though they just learned addition.
They asked him where he came from.
Paul answered, he was from a slum,
Though the students didn’t know what that was.
He was mysterious and wasn’t exactly “one of us.”
Paul had said that this was his second time as a new student.
That’s when the teacher spoke up, and to Principal Pilate he was sent.
Paul went, but the pupils knew he was going to protect the class.
Then the teacher turned to the chalkboard and they studied some facts…
There are 800 million people on Earth, they wrote.
Only their deeds determine their worth, they wrote.
The War was the longest conflict in human history, they wrote.
Lasting a few thousand years between Science and its periphery, they wrote.
The intercom suddenly came on addressing the teacher
About a serious matter regarding a “Class I Preacher,”
Something the students never heard before.
The teacher broke into a sweat and headed for the door.
Soon enough, Paul returned alone
On a mission to make something known.
He spoke to the other children as if he was one of them,
All the while having a foreign feeling, like a phantom limb,
An arm lost during the War, much-needed but no longer seen or heard of.
Or like the feeling to celebrate in December and spread love.
Paul gave the gift of knowledge to the pupils.
Now, the concept of an apple gave them all chills,
And the truth about their ancestors’ history,
Hidden from the world, gave them an ill misery.
But, the reality of who Paul was,
Was enough to get behind the only just cause
To restore the world to glory
And rewrite humanity’s dusty story.
The students understood, and began to change their ways.
The beginning of the end was coming, but some were saved today.


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