Not Alone, Nor by Sight


Faith is not an easy, one-way walk.
Don’t listen to the lukewarm worship talk.
Faith is not a walk but a crawl through Hell,
But you will not be alone, you’ll share a two-man cell
With the Only Prisoner willing to stay with you.
He is a Guardian, there when you’re down to rescue,
There when you’re down to sacrifice His all.
This life could be Hell, but with you He will crawl.

Rebellion gave way to sin,
And those desires prison,
But no more to He who has risen.

This life could be Hell, or it could be Heaven
From knowing His grace since age seven.
You’ve never been alone,
Through all the broken bones
And the sticks and stones.

Faith is a marathon in the worst of conditions.
The struggle is not to finish, but to stop and listen.
The sound of the gun marking your birth,
Somehow your pace determines your worth.
The price tag of your shoes and the roar of the crowd,
Somehow replaced the Gift from above the clouds.

Stop and listen. It’s common sense,
Not a mission or a dividing picket fence.

All these different paces,
For seven billion faces
Spread apart in all these places,
They all keep moving along
To the beat of their Creator’s song
Playing beyond the stereo strong.

Don’t be afraid to move on through
The fires of a Hell surrounding you.
Move at your own speed, He’ll give what you need.


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