Atlas At Last

Songs and Poetry


Surely God is my help; the Lord is the one who sustains me. Psalm 54:4


I carry the weight of the world on my back by my order.
Little do I know half that is my Demon making things colder.
He only adds weight and looks back with a cold shoulder,
But I see the beauty through the cruelty; I am the beholder.

No one notices those who help,
It’s human nature to focus on oneself.
No one sees the man among the broken pillars
Because the weight to them is unfamiliar.

It’s lonely underneath these galaxies,
But the view when I look up is majesty.
Recognition is impossible when the masses
Are required to look down on the outcast.

I’ve spent millennia and eons below,
Keeping everything up and afloat.
I’m sorry to say that I’ve recently discovered
The reason for global crises is my lack of a brother.

I see the beauty through the cruelty.
I no longer want to battle him, my enemy in this duality.
I desire to be the radiance from a sun flare.
I resign from this post; loneliness is a devil’s snare.

My name is Atlas and at last I am past half-mast.
There’s no more mourning; the sun is warning for the new morning.
The earth will rotate despite how much I hate the weight;
For one last time I’ll hug the equator and smile as I stand greater.

I’ll be secured tightly among the highest supernova,
No longer at the bottom… if only I was alive to see the view.
The universe will be in free fall once I’m over,
But there’s nothing below. I’ve been there for a few.

Explanation for tired minds:

This poem illustrates the Greek Titan Atlas, who supports all of creation on his very shoulders. Atlas is symbolic for modern humanity’s negligence toward God. Atlas is not meant to directly be God, supporting the world–this is why the globe is in crises. The final stanza is metaphorical for Atlas taking his own life to escape his demon: the fate of bearing such great weight while never being recognized for his importance. Atlas now hangs from the stars. The irony is that once he is among the stars, he isn’t alive to witness the beauty, and that the universe can continue without him, although it’s in an eternal free fall and never knowing the gift of feeling supported and being with purpose.

Or, make your own meaning to the words.

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