Songs and Poetry

The Tower of Babel

When I was younger, I had a problem pronouncing words when my tongue rolled the letter R.
To this day, I still have a problem with language, except now it’s knowing when to use a period versus a space bar.
I think I speak for everyone when I say that communication is weakening and we all talk at the wrong times,
And I think I speak to everyone when I say that we all are sorry, we’re out of touch, deaf, and even blind.
Humanity is inherently flawed, but that doesn’t mean these imperfections set us up to fail.
We are enclosed in our egos’ four walls, but near the door are these blemishes called braille,
Which read to us “The door is open,” only if we take the time to find it like we should find love and understanding.
The goal is not to be perfect but to be so absent from the comfort of your ego that you are present and outstanding.

When I was younger, those rolling Rs were rolling hills that my tongue ran ceaselessly until I learned to plateau.
Language is and will always be a problem, because we are a generation that can hear God but listens to the status quo.
Well, I have news for you, if you’re listening:
My words are the Word and will no longer be broken in a sling.
Just like my early childhood speech impediment,
I will conquer my ego and I refuse to settle like some sediment.
These language barriers between all of humanity
Are nothing more than language obstacles of vanity.

It makes no difference your age, color, or economic status,
You have the power to listen and to leave your past where it is.
If you constantly find yourself in worry or stress,
It’s because you lack communication with yourself and God even less.

You see, we all once spoke the same tongue
And in that greatness, the Tower of Babel was sprung.
But every man, woman, and child replaced compassion
With building this tower, so we were divided into factions.
If a life was lost, not one noticed,
But if a brick had broke, they were all hopeless.
The fact that we are divided now,
Shows that love and understanding can be allowed.

Allow this to be a form of my testament,
And know that we can all break our impediments.

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