Returning the Favor


As I walk through the desert,
Running out of water on red alert,
I come across a resting place,
A beautiful oasis with a north face.

I’ve been out here for quite some time,
The tone of my skin darkens as I climb.
In this unlikely paradise under a brutal sun,
Come people by the lot, asking what I have done.

I tell them of my peril and exodus,
Of the home I left and my nemesis.
They tell me of this place in the desert,
Its holiness in the elements’ concert.

In shackles and in chains,
The people take me by three
Before thunder and pop! it rains.
Those that desert dwell fell to knee.

A downpour the desert floor
Hasn’t tasted in over four score,
The dwellers subsided their pride.
The Elder looked within my eyes to confide.

“There,” the Chief pointed toward the east,
“Is where the prophecy declares a beast.
He in exile, who truly needs this holy place,
Who brings rain… This monster he must face.”

The people by the lot,
My chains they forgot,
Ask of me “Will you go?”

I look into the Elder’s eyes, “No.”


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