Thought Soup 01

A stream of consciousness, or more like a bowl of alphabet soup spelling out my thoughts. Number one.

Funny how
We have to let less light in
In order to see more clearly
Yet without this little light of mine
I will never be able to see

Funny how
I have to squint without my glasses
Without my contacts I cannot make contact
But as blind as we are
I fear for us crossing the street
From one war-torn country
To the next
Without encountering impolite bullets
That we should have seen long ago
We didn’t, we are blind

Funny how
We try to cross these streets
That we constructed ourselves
With the devil providing the asphalt
The quicksand

Funny how
We try to walk
No, we try to crawl
From point A to point B
When the point isn’t where
But with whom

Funny how
I think I need to squint my eyes
When in reality
I need to squint my heart
I need to guard my soul
So that only a light I cannot see
Can find it’s way in
And it will

Funny how
He killed your people
Yet met your face
Though he could not see it
He could see it
While I fall asleep
Wearing a blindfold
Never speaking to you
Killing your people by silence

Funny how
I see more of the world
And I know less of it
As home
And more of it
As a waiting room


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