City Project 2016

South Africa

Fundraising has been fulfilled. $4,900/4,900


New York Complete / Update No. 1
One Week left in Durham / Update No. 2
After South Africa / Update No. 3

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The evangelism squad in New York City.

BRIEFING / What is City Project?

City Project is an eight week-long mission trip from May 24 to July 21. While at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the Summit Church has selected me to be a part of this life changing opportunity to spread the name of Jesus Christ and to grow in the Holy Spirit. I am very hype for this program, and blessed to have a community like you behind me provided by a wonderful God.

The first week is in New York City with the church’s local planters and discussing the faith with those of other beliefs. The next five weeks are with the Child Evangelism Fellowship in Durham, dorming with other students and taking Biblical classes. The final two weeks are spent sharing the Gospel in South Africa, as well. During the summer, our teams will be focused on discipleship and how to become empowered by the Good News of Who Christ is.

TESTAMENT / Why am I doing CP?

Since my youth I remember knowing about Christ and His importance, but I never engaged with Him. I was like lukewarm coffee, not one extreme or the other to properly be Christian. (I’m not entirely sure if this metaphor works, because if you’re “cold,” then you’re probably not doing your relationship with Jesus right, and I also don’t like coffee.) It wasn’t until earlier this school year that a fellow Tar Heel actually sat down with me and told me I was loved by God, until I realized Who Christ actually was–something more than just a religious figure, but God Himself, belittled in the form of man to be a sacrifice to satisfy all necessity of religious perfection and the consequent sacrificial rituals proceeding, because perfection is impossible for our fickle hearts.

To get to the point, I’m doing City Project because my belief in Christ’s identity affirms mine–His disciple. And as His disciple, I know this opportunity is too good to pass up. As Matthew 28:19 says, those who truly trust in Him must be so in love with Him that they’re willing to risk, to spread His Word and to let the nations know of His Love, not the stringent dogma of the Old Testament or the judgment of those who’ve yet heard. His Love.